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Common cigarette business customers, "Why eight

Daily visits to customers, often see many customers and manage monopoly cigarette business policy is not well known, do not understand, can not figure out, and even resentment. I believe that the minds of customers have questions, there are suggestions, complain, this is normal, it is not surprising . . . ..........Read full article

My first sale of cigarettes scan code

As society progresses, people's living standards continue to improve, more and more types of goods, in the past that the human brain and handwriting alone accounting model has far can not meet the needs of modern society. Thus, a new management model and marketing system came into being, this is . . . ..........Read full article

Raiders V. changing business ideas, change shopkeeper for the pe

The original smoking hotel business mainly deals with some retail, consumers wait for the door. This year government buy cold, smoke more hotels need to act, not passively wait, over-reliance on government spending. Buy side, up to the "Public" to "commercial" and "private", and tap the resources . . . ..........Read full article

The sale of cigarettes to those things

Cigarette store operating business can be said everywhere, and then put the amount of cigarettes so great, cigarette sales also appeared uneven situation. Marketable shops, good relationships with monopoly units to buy, then the sales will not be a problem, but some shops only retail only, plus the . . . ..........Read full article

The sun basking in cigarettes

My shop is fairly large space for separate storage of cigarettes I had taken, and a number of non-scented merchandise store display blending together, this will cause the cigarette odor. I generally take place separately and storage, so as not to let the smoke flavor changes, should not, and do not . . . ..........Read full article

Tobacco kingdom a century flavor

"Tobacco kingdom a century flavor" - gold leaf (century flavor): adhering to the "right way to conduct flue-cured tobacco, return to the essence of smoke to do" research and development concepts, optimal balance of product satisfaction, a sense of ease, comfort, innovation and integration in Henan . . . ..........Read full article

We love to talk about Tarzan

Long Taishan Taishan culture laid the important position the brand, it has become the big brands of Chinese cigarettes. Speaking from the small office, with the market as the most direct contact with consumers and Lingshou Hu, the smoke is so every box Tarzan kind of love, here is the interpretation . . . ..........Read full article

Romantic Woman

Today, after the class, in passing through the corridor when a slender figure attracted me, it is a woman, decadent sitting on the porch. Eyes filled with vacant eyes, mouth a burning to half cigarettes, emitting a white smoke, floating on her beautiful face. Woman did not pay attention to my eyes . . . ..........Read full article

Su smoke (incense) - elegant thin cigarettes

"Su smoke (incense)" Jiangsu Tobacco heavy fine count products, the reason for the name "incense", the secret lies in picking through the incense tree perennial blade, through the cleaning, selection, fixing, shredded, Aging, baking, screening, packaging and a series of fine . . . ..........Read full article

Recognition of these "cigarette business theory"

As the article in the "Wang Ning," he said: "The 'ancient tree outside the examination room no', the sale of cigarettes, too, do not you put on a few days apart to know how hard to sell ah." Yes, both the new cigarette or "old goods" cigarettes, we will not beautiful . . . ..........Read full article

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