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Common cigarette business customers, "Why eight

Daily visits to customers, often see many customers and manage monopoly cigarette business policy is not well known, do not understand, can not figure out, and even resentment. I believe that the minds of customers have questions, there are suggestions, complain, this is normal, it is not surprising that they can not be perceived as "thorn", not as a pretext for accusing reprimanded them. As front-line staff to learn monopoly regulations and policies, as a good customer advocates, a lucid language of the masses, for example children, reason for our customers to answer "why" to allow customers to listen to understand, easy to accept, happy to accept. Thus, not only to enhance customer awareness monopoly of knowledge of laws and regulations, but also to enhance customer awareness of law-abiding operators, to reduce the resistance monopoly law enforcement, enhance the cigarette counterfeiting and market supervision. To this end, the author around in their daily work, "eight why" self a set of "lines" through practical application, the effect is pretty good. Willing to "initiate" together to upgrade the level of propaganda monopoly regulations, boosting retail terminal building.

First, why should a permit to sell cigarettes? Nowadays, there are many families apply for accreditation, licensed dealers, unlicensed dealers, who often ask Monopoly: the sale of cigarettes such a simple thing, why should a permit? Rush had to qualify, need to do the inspection certificate, really troublesome! A: This question mentioning that good, is also very important. First, cigarette tobacco monopoly. At present, our country exercise monopoly franchise system on oil, tobacco, salt and other goods. These commodities business, we must first obtain an administrative license, that is, we often say "Rush." We made tobacco Lingshou Hu card called "tobacco monopoly retail license", but a "tobacco card". In addition to the retail license, as well as the production license, wholesale license, special license.

Second, the application is an important system reflects monopoly characteristics. We all know that smoking is harmful to health. Some may ask: Since smoking is harmful to health, why the state wants to build smoke, the sale of cigarettes, the tobacco factory all off, not get away with it? Hey, this problem is not so simple. Like drinking the same drink more to hurt the body, but also easy to crash, but not for this reason, the country's wineries all off. Thus, for the country, it is necessary to control the scale of tobacco, but also to meet the needs of consumers, can not go to extremes. Accreditation is an effective means of tobacco control scale. Take Rush said, Come to the sale of cigarettes, the state had no objection, but must first obtain a permit. Rush also qualify. Does not meet the conditions, Tobacco Board will not give you a permit. If you are operating without a license is an offense, it is to be banned by law.

Third, the application is to protect the interests of the practical needs of Lingshou Hu. Tobacco card seems a piece of paper, in fact, the role can be big. With tobacco license, you become a legitimate cigarette Lingshou Hu, we can confidently operate cigarettes undocumented households can not.