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My first sale of cigarettes scan code

As society progresses, people's living standards continue to improve, more and more types of goods, in the past that the human brain and handwriting alone accounting model has far can not meet the needs of modern society. Thus, a new management model and marketing system came into being, this is what we now commonly use "Invoicing System." When the store just opened, I had wanted to buy a system and Invoicing scan code gun, but due to insufficient funds, it had to suspend the step, first switch to the original tedious manual accounting. Then record every day, a large number of commodities, have purchased, but also to sell, and therefore I spent a lot of time and effort. Later, the tobacco companies account manager come to my shop, A chance to see me in the manual entry of goods Invoicing situation, therefore, they told me that the tobacco companies now is to build a number of modern retail end customers, free installation ordering Union League scan code system and the issuance of scan code gun, the system can automatically record the daily inventory situation through scan code.

I had a pleasant surprise, immediately ask for a priority to join the ranks of the idea to the client manager. Thereafter, the account manager by the PUC to apply, and give me a scan code system installed in her help me put all the cigarette stock are recorded into the system, from the purchase to achieve a real sense of storage. Now, I insist on sweeping day yard sale, sell a box, a box sweep, selling one, a sweep. Daily income and inventory at a glance, I no longer like before, every dish I once inventories are tired sweating profusely. And I often come to my shop to buy cigarettes and old customers set to membership, to allow them to participate in activities to purchase points, accumulated to a certain value I will be giving a lighter, towels and other small gifts to be excited manner, thereby really keep coming back.

The Union League scan code system is convenient and simple to use, I am now more with the handy, now can not do without it. Next, I want my other items also be entered in the system, the full realization of all in-store merchandise sales through all scan code at the same time saving time and effort to get further customer more confidence. Check in the market, it is common to a number of cigarette Lingshou Hu split into zero support, sell them to students. When the monopoly sales staff to stop this behavior, some customers were very angry: you just check counterfeit cigarettes on the line, I buy cigarettes, would like to sell it to sell it, the thing you have to control it? A: This issue is certainly a good tube ah! For example, if your child is a student, you back off to the store to buy cigarettes of others, do you agree? You do not say: the child smoking is a good thing! Tobacco Monopoly Law clearly stipulates that smoking is prohibited students, discourage young people from smoking. Why should there be such a requirement? Because smoking is harmful to health, minors are learning the growth stage, if prematurely caught smoking this bad habit, think about how much harm, how bad image. So, as cigarette Lingshou Hu, we should consciously abide by this rule, stick to the moral bottom line, the next generation of health care, no matter what, can not sell cigarettes to minors. Epilogue

In short, the tobacco industry is a special industry, cigarette Lingshou Hu shop business there are many "outside the box" restrictions. There are questions about the minds of customers, Love asked, "why", this is normal, is not surprising. As long as we studious, good at summing up, the customer will be able to give a satisfactory answer, let them more consciously regulate business law, establish a common terminal building a good image!