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Raiders V. changing business ideas, change shopkeeper for the pe

The original smoking hotel business mainly deals with some retail, consumers wait for the door. This year government buy cold, smoke more hotels need to act, not passively wait, over-reliance on government spending. Buy side, up to the "Public" to "commercial" and "private", and tap the resources and some business deals weddings, banquets consumption. Smoking hotel near the common living area, someone what happy event, what time dinner like smoke because the nearest hotel consumption, consumer demand for such access to information more convenient, smoke hoteliers to take full advantage of this.

Monopoly brand chain has many competitive advantages, one product is more abundant, such as the One One nine nine stores in as many as two thousand kinds of products, a single run of any smoking hotel are difficult to compare with; Second, the price advantage, Because of the terminal channel advantages, chain brands tend to get more favorable prices from the manufacturers of the product; the third is more professional service; fourth, strong brand pull, easier access to consumer recognition. For smoking hotel development, the professional, brand, standardization is the trend, it is a representative chain monopoly direction of this trend, smoke hotel with its own characteristics and strength, franchisees or self-built chain, backed by trees good shade. So, people on the "soft Sue," the desire to purchase can be said to be greatly enhanced.

Followed by that some low-tar brands of cigarettes. Listing these cigarettes, but also to meet the needs of many customers, but also gave them the choice of low-tar cigarette brands numerous opportunities. However, this increasing number of cigarettes among the only "Tarzan (General)" cigarettes, I have a special liking. Tarzan said goods, security and peace. I have a poem for its title: New listing Tarzan smoke, highlight the atmosphere that lead. The whole open showcase Tibetan, the word beauty famous generals. OTC to just hot, it is the most handsome cigarette samples. Customers who looked like generals, whimsy heart put. Buy a box open on taste, Young whiff of it. Shopkeeper heart is glad to see it, move it in a prominent position. The whole box counter zero balance, the customer saw my heart happy. Said Tarzan security and peace, the generals leading the way to it. This is my twelfth year since the shop cigarette sales, cigarette in 2003 to more than two dozen brands increments to sixty now several brands, their sales increasing year after year. Phone Interview from 2003 to 2004, cigarette sales "new business alliance" online ordering cigarette, and now the "cigarette Invoicing System (that is," Union League "scan code system), it can be said that rapid change sales of cigarettes are so rapid development, he said:. "future sales of cigarettes will definitely be Zhimakaihua steadily high" drop!