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Recognition of these "cigarette business theory"

As the article in the "Wang Ning," he said: "The 'ancient tree outside the examination room no', the sale of cigarettes, too, do not you put on a few days apart to know how hard to sell ah." Yes, both the new cigarette or "old goods" cigarettes, we will not beautiful "face" graceful "posture" good show them out, but they shelved, how to make customers aware of it? But what about attracting the attention of customers.
"Past experience guide for the future", there is this "sell" hard sell "from other provinces smoke" as a reference, with his many years of operating experience cigarette when the cigarette to the new store, I cigarette Showcase has been set aside for them a good position. My showcase are single cigarette box according to high and low price placed my order to highlight the new cigarettes, these cigarettes are placed into several new "goods" shape, so that arouse the attention of customers. You do not say, it is that small changes really attract the attention of customers.
As the saying goes: "a hundred people, colorful; a thousand people, everything full." We shop engage in business a long time, what kind of people have experienced, what customers have to wait too. Therefore, we also trained a pair of "eyes", promote new volume also has its own set of "Cheats."
Take this for several new cigarette, and I was so referrals:
First, grasp the "price to rise" referral consciousness. Tathagata regular customers often abused 10--16 yuan in price between the price of cigarettes, to him I will actively Recommend 20 yuan / box of expensive cigarettes (Yuye One), 26 yuan / box of Nanjing (Twelve Beauties flue-cured tobacco ); as regular customers know smoking is 20 yuan / box - 30 yuan / box of cigarettes, to him I will actively Available gold leaf (century flavor), so not only Recommend a new cigarette is also nurturing new products at the same time more than their own benefited.
The second is to play a role in the new alternative. In our Shizuishan, Monkey (gold) is a special selling cigarettes because cigarettes cause we all love this Monkey (gold) in short supply. Customers who bought the Monkey (gold), I will seize the opportunity to customers Recommend Tarzan (Red General), see customer hesitation, I put my master's Tarzan (Red General) features clear, concise introduction to him . You do not say, seize the characteristics of the new cigarette, the success rate is quite high Available mile. Thus the use of new cigarette price and Monkey (gold) similar characteristics, not only for customers to enjoy the new Tarzan (Red General), cultivate a new brand, but also because of reduced Monkey (gold) shortage gives me pressure.
Third, make good use of the new cigarette "new, extraordinary and special" sex. Cigarette consumers, young people like to catch up with fashion, neither the elderly need to quit smoking cigarettes but also to ensure the health, in front of these different consumers, to them I will actively Available Jiaozi (X), Yellow Crane Tower (world name floor).