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The sale of cigarettes to those things

Cigarette store operating business can be said everywhere, and then put the amount of cigarettes so great, cigarette sales also appeared uneven situation. Marketable shops, good relationships with monopoly units to buy, then the sales will not be a problem, but some shops only retail only, plus the amount of cigarettes per week must be ordered, naturally there will be inventory .

With the improvement of people's living standards over the years, smoking has also been on the stress. Originally drawn five yuan a pack of cigarettes, now people have changed pumping grades fifteen yuan a pack. Those who resist the sales of tobacco are constantly declined. Especially in the last year, had a very popular grade five yuan a pack of cigarettes, it has been largely stagnant situation appears on the sales. So we ordered cigarettes in retail, be sure to pay attention to the actual situation of their own sales shops to order. Because cigarette unlike other commodities, he warned in tune, can only digest itself in the store, we can only draw the line properly when ordered before they can grasp the store's inventory, so that no backlog.

Lingshou Hu Liyan Juan With the rapid development of the socio-economic progress and social, cigarette sales are leaps and bounds. From the telephone to the current cigarette sales visits "Ningxia tobacco customer service platform," the Internet provides smoke, add the words "cigarette Invoicing System" (that is, "Union League" scan code system) installation. Therefore, cigarette sales year after year to a new level. This shop twelfth year, some cigarettes and delisting increase, especially new listing cigarettes increase, I see in the eyes, the music in the heart. I remember it was in 2003. That year, a small supermarket just opened our first opening, when the cigarette is not much variety. With the continuous development of social economy can, and some cigarettes corresponding delisting. Then order the way cigarette sales visits cigarette telephone. With the available socio-economic development, the demand for cigarettes have become more sophisticated, people are looking to buy low-tar cigarettes less harmful cigarette. In this case, low-tar cigarette brand is also a corresponding market. Perhaps you might ask, what is the brand of low tar cigarettes do? Cigarette tar content of cigarettes is less than or equal to 8 mg of low tar cigarette brand, called low-tar brands of cigarettes. People also began to accept these two low-tar brands of cigarettes, plus I made in the store a set of effective marketing strategy, sales can be quite considerable. Since the beginning of May 2004, ordered the way cigarettes are also reform has become the "new business alliance" online ordering cigarette. As a result the majority of our convenient ordering cigarette Lingshou Hu, also to the staff of Shizuishan tobacco companies to reduce the pressure of heavy work.

You may never open the supermarket people do not know, with the continuous development of social economy, both low-tar cigarette brand is also a corresponding delisting, along with a new product to replace it. Because soft Su smoke (SU) market, although this cigarette taste good, but the price compared to "soft Little Su" a little expensive.