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The sun basking in cigarettes

My shop is fairly large space for separate storage of cigarettes I had taken, and a number of non-scented merchandise store display blending together, this will cause the cigarette odor. I generally take place separately and storage, so as not to let the smoke flavor changes, should not, and do not put all kinds of cigarettes a heap of large, poor ventilation, moisture is not easy to distribute, but also make moldy phenomenon.

In high summer temperatures, beware of the sun basking in cigarettes, sun drying is easy to place, preferably with an empty cigarette display. Tobacco companies sent the whole pack of cigarettes wrapped in plastic film, we want to sell with the demolition with, are not open on the store, easy to damp, to store high-grade cigarette I take with foam box for storage, this is not likely to cause mildew, reduce losses.

Shizuishan Pingluo small supermarket Sun Jianming Hu Xinghai Summer came around a corresponding increase in the temperature, more rain. As a cigarette Lingshou Hu, how to take measures against moisture and mildew own cigarette store it? Combined shop fifteen years of accumulated experience and lessons learned in the business, special precautions are summarized as follows: The first one, buy storage bags to store strips of fresh cigarette into his pocket, and put in wooden storage cabinet, is a simple and practical method of moisture mold. The second measure, the cigarette shop on the top shelf, because the highest level away from the ground, air circulation. So that the cigarette is not easy to get damp. The third measure, the strips of cigarette smoke into the cabinet, cigarette some distance from the place, put a bowl of lime, should be replaced. Lime can absorb moisture from the air, prevent cigarette inside cabinets mildew. The fourth move, if the store is not good air circulation, can every few days, with fans of the cigarette ventilation to maintain the smooth flow of air in the store. Fifth strokes, to sell home appliances store or a place to sell vegetables to find a few foam box, put cigarettes into the foam box isolate it. Mildew was also very effective. Sixth strokes, make a tall iron cabinets, metal cargo containers inside and outside with paint stucco encountered even on cloudy days, the cigarette is not easy to get damp, iron storage cabinets cigarette can play the role of moisture. Seventh move, designed to make a wooden ladder, the cigarette onto the wooden ladder from the ground at a distance, can effectively protect the cigarettes from moisture.

Tanghe County, Henan Province village Qi instrument Vanguard supermarket cigarette Lingshou Hu Zhang Feng As a Lingshou Hu, in order to do a good job in store moisture dehumidifier, the first shop in front of a shop in the gutter to clean up good. I rented a house low-lying, damp encounter a rainy day on the shop floor. Timely repair leaky place, and sometimes do not pay attention after the house mouse holes, the rains also to store irrigation. Year before the summer season, I will be looking for workers to advance renovation gutters, roof and if I encounter a heavy rain, the walls of the store will be wet. No option but to find someone to repair leaking roofs place, so avoid too much water since the house or outside the house roof. Reduce shops within the walls of the damp area.