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Tobacco kingdom a century flavor

"Tobacco kingdom a century flavor" - gold leaf (century flavor): adhering to the "right way to conduct flue-cured tobacco, return to the essence of smoke to do" research and development concepts, optimal balance of product satisfaction, a sense of ease, comfort, innovation and integration in Henan century fragrant incense smoke tobacco and quantity, the flue gas full, rich layers of features, comprehensive application of gold leaf mellow technology, the raw materials and the top core technology, the perfect present century flavor products, "alcohol, fragrant, sweet, Run" .

"We must first of its profits." In this time several new products coming to market, through the company's publicity manager visits by customers resident in the propaganda, through their own online learning from a look, there is no formal I have listed what these new features that is a selling point by heart, really a little "Xiao was exposed sharp angle, stand on top of already dragonfly." means. "Do not fight the battle without preparation," After doing this several foster new thinking knowledge base cigarette sales, the company began to market after another to serve several new products of this. "Make bricks without straw," the popular reason we all know, but in the new order of some Lingshou Hu attitude is not positive enough. They are always worried about the new cigarette is no cigarette already occupy a certain market that has some consumer groups to sell, afraid of pressure in the hands of the new cigarettes sold use of funds. In fact, each a best-selling cigarette brands are mature from the new training, new sales began. Cultivate new cigarette is not only an excellent Lingshou Hu grown into a modern retail terminal function is also essential that we expand the brand width Lingshou Hu, improve store image and influence, the pursuit of novelty to attract stylish customers, increase cigarette profit model important tool. Moreover, the overall supply of cigarettes principle is "a little tight balance" principle, that is, tell us, do not always supply a steady stream of cigarettes, sometimes "out of stock" in the company more adequate supply, to ensure their active subscription cigarette in the hands of the "grain", to transform itself into a "m" Lingshou Hu, coupled with the characteristics of a good grasp of each cigarette that is a selling point, we can become a cigarettes sales of "housewife."

Recognition of these "cigarette business theory" because the cigarette business in the years to grasp the laws of supply of cigarettes, which the company has several new cigarette as long as the goods delivery, I have a set time does not fall back. Do you still remember a friend of Gu Shi only "sell" hard sell "from other provinces smoke" no "Tobacco" on? Uncle Lee ordered a Huangshan (hard guests welcoming pine), because there is no positive impressions go OTC, combined with not any learning, mastering of new selling cigarettes, leading to difficult to sell cigarettes should not be a "hard sell" situation.