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We love to talk about Tarzan

Long Taishan Taishan culture laid the important position the brand, it has become the big brands of Chinese cigarettes. Speaking from the small office, with the market as the most direct contact with consumers and Lingshou Hu, the smoke is so every box Tarzan kind of love, here is the interpretation of two Lingshou Hu boss Tarzan smoke, and share. Speaking of Tarzan smoke, I could not help but think of Hartmann, a pen, a general name, lay in people's minds a deep imprint, become a lingering memory. At the time, without any explanation of the Taishan cigarette is the best-selling products, even if it is on the road are to be discarded cigarette Hartmann, a pen in the majority, to the customer to buy cigarettes, customers do not say anything, we must be handed out Tarzan smoke, precipitated these memories forever in people's minds.

As the years footsteps, Tarzan smoke adjustment of product structure, optimize the product, the memory of these once again renewed. In this transition process, our business activities have taken advantage of the line, there are customers to buy "a pen", we will tell him, Tarzan is the past, "a pen" to the original looked strange we slowly became natural to become well-known brands. Have the opportunity to look deep into Tarzan tobacco production line visit, witnessed the Taishan intensive, very shocking plant, modernization of production processes, to give people is heartfelt wonder, give us added impetus and business confidence. Not long ago, an old acquaintance of his son to get married, you need a certain brand of cigarettes through several contacts conversation, I suggested that he use the Tarzan (red show), on the grounds that the festive atmosphere, the body of the wealthy, and his choice no different brands , even better, I would deeply appreciate Taishan cigarette factory visit and briefed him about it, so superficial as describing the general, a man who changed the inherent consciousness, become red show the marriage of hi tobacco, to wedding add a bit of color.

Quality achievements classic, features a brilliant cast. List of small hills Tarzan character, is in my mind the eternal mountain. Long Taishan Taishan culture laid the important position the brand, it has become the big brands of Chinese cigarettes. To make household smoke Tarzan, Tarzan in order to allow sales of tobacco to the next level, I even had a cigarette counter Tarzan, Tarzan smoke series showcasing the brand, currently my smoking hotel Taishan (Wang Yue), Tarzan (handsome) Tarzan (Moods), Tarzan (light brush) Tarzan (general) totaling more than 10 brands. However, the counter display cigarette has its limitations, each customer to buy Tarzan smoke, because separated by a layer of glass, not close, the customer can only lie in cigarette smoke cabinet with your fingers, customer brand something, I'll take What brand, Tarzan smoke daily sales of only 10 packages, the best time to sell only about 20 packages, I am very satisfied with the sales, how to improve sales Tarzan smoke it?